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Born and raised 10 miles south of Boston in Braintree, Patrick Driscoll has spent a great deal of his time between the baseball field and the stage. When Patrick wasn't throwing curveballs he spent his time performing with the Improv Comedy Troupe, the Improvabilities, who were classmates of his at his Alma Mater, Bowdoin College.

While the Improvabilities went on to New York City to form Le-Pig Improv, Patrick continued with his baseball career in the Can-Am Professional Baseball League for the Nashua Pride, with whom he played with for a year. Patrick is no stranger to the Boston Film Scene as he has loaned his talents and rather attractive face to productions shot in the Boston area such as "The Social Network" and "The Zookeeper". He has participated in the Providence Improv Fest. As a writer Patrick is working on his first feature film and continues to write sketch comedy when the inspiration comes to him. He feels that the Red Sox made some strong acquisitions this year and is looking forward to watching them beat the Yankees.
What started as an array of unrelated hobbies slowly developed into a realization for Nick.  As a child, he lived the life of a young artist; building with Legos, drawing, story-telling, writing.  With age came a love of music, cooking photography and acting.  The synergistic intrigue was creating something beautiful from lesser parts and capturing the moment.  All throughout, he was in awe of the cinematic experience - finding incredible inspiration by some of the most memorable characters that have been immortalized by his favorite actors.  What he realized is that he could apply various life skills in this way and wanted to inspire people through the medium of film.  Decision made - he has since left a high-paying career to pursue his dream of making a modest living while helping to create films.  Today, you will find Nick acting on sets that he often helps build, submersing himself deeper into every project he has the opportunity to work on.  2011 will hold 8 film releases for Nick as he marches steadily with conviction towards his dream.
Michael Underhill is an actual graduate from Northeastern University with a B.A. in Theater Performance. He graduated in 2010, and has been performing in the Boston theatre scene ever since. He has been a company member with Imaginary Beasts since the summer of 2009, helping create and collaborate in "Dream Of Life" (Woodcutter, Moon, Sun), "Weasel" (Bilora), "Amphitryon" (Mercury), "The Doctor In Spite Of Himself" (Leandre), "Dracula Re-Vamped!" (Kidney), and "The Crazy Locomotive" (Valery Bean, Turbulence Guster, John Cackleson). You may have also seen him as John in "Bash" (Theatre on Fire), Soldier 2/Officer 1 in "Othello" (Commonwealth Shakespeare Company), or Decius Brutus, Lucilius, Titinius in "Julius Cesear" (ShakespeareNow!). Film Credits: Dan in "Daylight And Majoc Don't Mix" (Joel Marsh Films). Michael also makes a mean latte to boot.
Audrey Claire Johnson resides on the exquisite North Shore outside of Boston, MA. She attended Gordon College in Wenham and received her Bachelors degree in Theatre Arts with a concentration in acting and directing. Prior to graduation she was honored to perform with professional companies in Delaware, San Diego, Detroit, New Hampshire, and even a holiday stint in Iowa. Currently she is a collaborator and actor for In The Car Media on films, web shorts, and commercial projects. She most recently originated the role of Dawn in the indie "Break Of Dawn" long-form trailer shot in Rockport, MA with screenwriter/director Stephanie Webster and producer Devra Sari Zabot. Audrey Claire continues to train in the Viewpoints method by Anne Bogart and can't resist a 48-Hour Film Project competition in Boston.
Originally from Nashville TN, Kris obtained her BFA in theater performance from the University of Evansville in Evansville Indiana. After graduation she did a brief stint in Graduate school for acting, but decided to take time off to figure out what the "H" she really wanted to do with her life. In her last semester at Harvard Extension School's Master of Management program she fell head first back into the acting world and hasn't stopped since. Her first year back in action she's worked on several commercials including a national for Dunkin Donuts, various voice-overs and student films. Recent local theater credits include Company One's "Grimm", an ensemble piece where she played Snow White in a selection written "Wicked"'s Gregory Mcguire, and Corrine in "The Good Negro" which gained her an IRNE nomination for Best Supporting Actress. Kris currently resides in Cambridge, MA.
George "Slaine" Carroll is an American hip-hop MC and actor. He is best known for his work in the groups Special Teamz and La Coka Nostra (with Danny Boy, Everlast, Ill Bill, DJ Lethal). In 2007, Slaine made his feature film debut as the drug- dealing gun runner Bubba Rogowski in the Ben Affleck-directed film Gone Baby Gone. He later played Albert "Gloansy" MacGloan, a member of a Charlestown gang of bank robbers, in Affleck's second directorial effort, The Town, released in September 2010. He recently just wrapped filming Andrew Dominik's Cogan's Trade with Brad Pitt; guest starred on NBC's The Cape, and was the co- star in the award winning short, Bad Blood.


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Dev Blog


This past week the gang of 617 The Series began production on a series of spoof videos created by members of the cast. Our first spoof video was conceived by our cast member, Shauna Colleary, who after a short improv about a bloody mary became a regular supporting character.

Sheryl, the man-chasing, beer drinking waitress at Murphy's Law is played by Colleary. Her quick wit and direct humor gives us a lot to work with. It was Colleary that came up with the idea to "Occupy Boston Sheryl Style," and suggested that she stand outside the protest holding a sign that read: I WANT TO MARRY A CEO.

With hashtags 617THESERIES and accompanied by Amy DePaola, who mocked an English reporter named "Barbie Walters," Colleary furthered her improv by providing Sheryl's "stats" on her sign: She's 26, She likes chocolate labs, The Bruins (Stanley Cup Champs Kid!) and blueberry vodka - she can be the 1%.

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Episode 1: One Nighters

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Bonus Videos


Amy DePaola

Executive and Supervising Producer

Amy has produced a number of projects within the film, new media, and fashion and theater industries. Following her graduation from Manhattan College where she received her B.A. in Communications and Media Studies Amy began her professional journey as a fashion publicist with Think Public Relations where she produced numerous runway shows for Hachette Filipacchi Media's STYLE360 during New York City Fashion Week. The realization that the world of fashion was not her calling and the desire to return to her childhood roots of acting led Amy to the New York Film Academy in 2008 where she received a degree in Acting for Film. Amy has worked as an actor and a producer in both New York and Boston. Prior to starting her own entertainment and development banner, Greenview Entertainment, in early 2011, Amy was employed as a Producer with WET Productions, a New York City based 501(c) 3 non-profit production company that was changing the way the world sees women and women see themselves by producing female generated material for the stage and screen.

Amy has worked with and employed many of the business's most talented individuals including Debra Messing, Blythe Danner, Carla Gugino, Ron Livingston, Carmen Electra, George "Slaine" Carroll, Rosemarie DeWitt, Jennifer Westfeldt and Ethan Embry to name a few. She has studied with Josh Pais and Kristen Johnston, The Atlantic Theater Company, The Moscow Art Theatre and The American Repertory Theater. Currently Amy is obtaining her Master's Degree while employing herself as a freelance writer, actor and producer. Recently, Amy's blog "The Boston Bucket List" on was picked up by Dirty Water News to be a featured column titled "Scene in the City" that Amy will pen for Dirty Water News print and Amy currently has many projects in development under her development Greenview including Michael Yebba's "Ordinary Man," which will be shot in August of 2011 and stars Ethan Embry. Amy now resides in Boston's North End.

Katie Shannon

Writer and Director

Katie had been involved in many aspects of filmmaking. Katie born in Massachusetts, graduated from Stonehill College in 2004 with a Bachelors Degree in Communications. Katie was also member of the 2003 women's lacrosse National Championship team. She then graduated from Emerson College in 2009 with her Master's degree in Visual Media Arts. Her thesis project, A Square With Three Sides (2009), has been an official selection in several film festivals such as Chicago's Reeling Film Festival, London's Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, and Santa Barbara's OUTrageous Film Festival. She is currently in development with three films with her production company Thompson Films.

Realizing that Boston is where she wanted to have her film career, she created the web series 617, which follows six late twenty something's as they try to navigate their lives through the city of Boston. She wrote and directed the pilot episode, which will be seen on

She is currently in pre-production for two feature films. The Things Stolen is a story of a family that lives so far in denial, that they don't even know what's the truth anymore. This family drama takes place in Hingham, Massachusetts and follows the struggles of one household when they try to handle the patriarch of the family infidelities. Her next film is a documentary series that will be following the new generation of players from the Stonehill Women's Lacrosse Team during their 2012 season for their quest at their own National Championship.

Her other feature film is A-Town which will be based in the year of 2000 in Agawam, Massachusetts, and will follow seniors in high school before they go their separate ways and venture off to college.


In Boston, Massachusetts, the birthplace of America's only Revolution, a city that survived an 86-year curse, where the cobblestone out numbers its inhabitants and bartenders are the equivalent to rock-stars, six twenty-something's attempting to navigate life will share laughs, successes and the oft-frequent hangover. (All of which can be the result of an Irish Car-bomb.) With a little guidance from some recognizable locals, three friends from their childhood days in Quincy – Griffin, Scotty and Sully – and three friends from their formative/informative college years – Alana, Siobhan and Cat –will discover what life and love off the Red Line in the hub of New England has to offer.

Forget Whitey Bulger, bank-robbing Charlestown folk and those Southie boys who like to beat up the Hahvard kids – this is the true story of six individuals picked to live in a house off the Boston Harbor. (Ok, so maybe not – but you get the point.)


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617 The Series

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